• Qualification

    Qualification test does not have any goal to determine the playing level of participants. It is a simple technical procedure where player has to show the knowledge of main rules and the ability to play with real mahjong tiles.

    Qualifications tests are not required for:

    If you have taken part in other tournaments or have a playing experience in another mahjong club, you may also recieve the qualification automatically – please convey this information to the organizers. All other participants should contact the organizers to pass the qualification test after filling the registration form.

    1. Where the qualification test will take place?

        • Players who can arrive to Moscow before the tournament, may pass the test in “Tesuji” club on every Friday.
        • Nonresident players may pass the test online by Skype. On this question please contact tsuuisou.

    2. In what form will I pass the qualification test?

        • If it’s possible, you will be asked to take part in a hanchan in “Tesuji” club.
        • During qualification online be ready to tell us about your playing experience and answer some questions about reach mahjong rules.

    3. I am an experienced online player, do I have to pass the test?

        • Real game requires ability to handle mahjong tiles properly and it may not be easy for an online player. You should find the opportunity to play riichi in your town at least once.
        • If you haven’t found reach mahjong players in your town, please contact the organizers.

    4. What do I have to know to pass the test?

        • You have to know the general reach mahjong rules:
          1. The form of the winning hand.
          2. Yaku-combinations.
          3. Furiten.
          4. Doras.
          5. Riichi and tsumo.
          6. Counting the value of the hand.
        • Be able to play with real tiles:
          1. Building the wall.
          2. Dismantling the wall.
          3. Making sets.
          4. Declaring riichi.
          5. Declaring the win.

    You have to be able to answer the questions about these rules, count the value of your hand and show your game with real tiles.